Why CreditRegistry?
Traditional credit bureaus rely on National ID numbers such as the social security number used in the United States for consumer identification. This approach precludes emerging markets without existing or reliable National ID systems from benefiting from the economic productivity and resiliency engendered by broad exchange of credit information.

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Reliance on simple ID numbers for consumer identification has resulted in widespread identity theft problems. Obviously, ID-only systems are inadequate at meeting modern needs for credit information exchange and cannot effectively protect consumers and lenders from certain classes of financial fraud.

CreditRegistry’s pioneering credit reporting services with integrated biometrics will let your credit institution achieve the following real gains in large-scale consumer credit:

  • Grow faster. Pre-screen and acquire new customers quickly
  • Improve risk measurement. Obtain comprehensive credit reports and credit scores in less than one minute
  • Prevent financial fraud. Know your customer’s “true identity”
  • Lower default rates. Efficiently exchange credit information
  • Reduce costs. Automate the management of large-scale consumer credit
why creditregistry?
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